Best Kid Artists Who Are Ruling The NFT space


1. Nyla Hayes

Nyla is a 12-year-old digital artist and she is the artist behind of the so called the Long Necktie Women collection. Her work has been featured by the TIME Magazine.

2. Laya Mathikshara

Laya is a 14-year-old digital artist from Chennai and she is the artist behind the Fifth Dimension collection. Her NFT s consist on moving geometric patternsusually symmetric in asnounishing colours. Laya’s artistic work can be found on many NFT platforms.

Fifth Dimension #24 from @withFND has now entered the collections of @mondoir ~

3. Elio Mugri

Elio is a 7 year old artist that is excited to share his art with the world. He likes to draw on his tablet and his collection on opensea already has 9 characters, well actually the one named The kid Joe has been drawn from her 10 years old sister Larisa but since she is not yet using metamask, she added it to Elios collection on Opensea.

4. Emilio Barrera

Emilio is a 7-year-old digital artist and his collection of doodles are titled as Arte de Emilio. His work is present on most NFT platforms.

5. Devya Asmi

Devya is 10-years-old. She is autistic and her NFT s named Amazing Devya runs on Twitter with the hashtag #autismartist. Her drawings can be found on all leading NFT platforms. This is her NFT drop on the occasion of Children’s Day.


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