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Bidsbee, a social crypto trading platform is created to revolutionize the trading experience. The Bidsbee founder and CEO Dmitry Shishov believes that it is time to change the crypto trading where only wealthy and experienced traders could operate. Thus, the platform’s mission is to enable everybody to benefit from the world of crypto trading, even those who have no previous experience.

About Bidsbee

The Bidsbee cryptocurrency trading platform offers functionality for all types of traders. If you are a beginner and are just making the first steps in crypto, we recommend you check the following functionalities and features.

For beginners

Copy trading

The copy trading functionality allows you to pick an expert trader (Master trader) and subscribe to him to copy his trades. Bidsbee has taken care of everything: there are the best traders in the market available for copying. In each Master trader’s profile, you can find all the data about the trader’s profitability, risk level, and all that you may need to make an informed decision. 

You don’t have to risk all your funds for copying. You assign a sum for this purpose, and all orders will be copied based on this sum. You can also set up the limits for losses and limits for each order.

Trading with a virtual balance

If you want to try your skills in crypto trading but don’t want to risk real funds, try trading with a virtual balance. You get 1 BTC in your virtual balance, and you can place orders just as if you were trading with real funds. You don’t risk real money but your earnings are also virtual.

Academy with lots of educational materials and guides

The platform offers not only trading functionalities but also a lot of educational materials about trading and guides on the platform’s functionality. As a beginner, you can greatly benefit from the Academy section where you can find information about the basics of trading and learn how the platform works.

For expert traders

For those who have been involved in crypto trading for years, the following functionalities are interesting.

Trading Terminal

The trading terminal allows you to manage all your CEX trading accounts in a single place. The terminal expands the functionality of a traditional CEX. It enables you to place many types of orders, use a trailing function to adjust your trading activities and benefit from other advanced opportunities.

Copy Trading

Not only beginners can benefit from copy trading but also advanced traders. If you want to generate additional income sources, register an open profile on Bidsbee, set up a subscription fee, and let others subscribe to you to copy your trades.

To become a Master trader, you need to fill in a Public Trader Profile, and to trade until the team collects enough statistical data on the results of your trading activities. Once ready, your profile becomes available for subscribing.

Trading Bots

If you don’t have to sit in front of the computer, follow all market trends, and place orders manually, automate your trading activities with the advanced Bidsbee bots. The team has developed an extensive set of them but this it not all yet. New bots are being added constantly to cover all the needs of traders and enable them to benefit in any market conditions.

More functions to benefit from

For any type of trader, it is important to know about any changes in the market. This is why subscribing to trading signals is a must to trade with Bidsbee successfully. 

With Bidsbee trading signals delivered to Telegram, you can be sure that you will be notified as soon as a Buy or a Sell signal is generated.

The platform has gathered a friendly community and welcomes everybody in their Discord channels to learn about trading, share insights, and communicate with like-minded people. 

The team is adding new features constantly to ensure that each trader can find just the right set of options and stay ahead of the market trends.

How to Start with Bidsbee

To start trading on Bidsbee, you need to register an account with a valid email address. After that, you connect your trading accounts on a CEX with API keys and can access all the Bidsbee functionality. 

Why Traders Choose Bidsbee

Bidsbee is very easy to use. An intuitive dashboard provides access to all the functionality of the platform. All the flows are intuitive so that even complete beginners can use all the functionalities of the platform seamlessly. For those who prefer to be guided anyway, Bidsbee offers an extensive Support section with detailed guides. 

The platform doesn’t charge any share of your trading income. All that you pay is a subscription fee if you choose a paid package, and a subscription for a Master trader if you select to copy somebody’s trades. Master traders pay also 15% of their earnings on copy trading subscriptions.

The platform is developing constantly and introducing new features. It means that with Bidsbee, you will always have the right opportunities to benefit in any market conditions.



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