Binance will Offer up to $ 500 for Inviting new Users to its Platform


Binance has decided to launch a new promotion to encourage its users to invite their friends to trade through its platform. Now it is possible to get up to $ 500 in assets for referring new users and having them try the exchange’s services and tools.


During the early hours of today Binance has announced a new promotion to encourage its users to invite new investors to its platform. Binance is always looking for new ways to attract new customers, but this time it seems like they are trying to go one step further by adding a pool of $ 300,000 in rewards .

Binance has launched this new promotion as an exclusive New Year’s activity to kick off this 2022. From now until the 18th of this month , it will be possible to get up to $ 500 in rewards for inviting friends to Binance. These rewards will be distributed through a system of ” Mystery Boxes “, which can hold up to $ 500 in the following assets: B TC, ETH, BUSD, BNB, XRP, MATIC, ADA, SHIB, DOGE and GALA .

How to get the new Binance Mystery Boxes

There are two different ways to obtain these Mystery Boxes which are by depositing and trading assets.

Depositing funds on the exchange

In order to get these new mystery boxes, the first step is to share our user ID with a friend or acquaintance who has never registered with Binance before. After this registration we must deposit the equivalent of at least $ 50 in cash, with a credit / debit card, P2P commerce or by depositing cryptocurrencies. Once this entry is completed, the inviting user as well as the guest will receive a Mystery Box .

Trading in the Spot or Convert market

In this method we will also have to register through the link related to the ID of the user that refers us in the promotion. After this we must enter or transfer assets until we can carry out operations worth more than $200 in any Spot or Convert trading pair. In the same way as in the previous method, the referrer and the referrer will each obtain a Mystery Box.

Each user can get a maximum of 20 Mystery Boxes in this promotion.

Up to $ 10,000 to share Binance on your social networks

Binance has also included a new promotion for all those users who spread the New Year’s event. The exchange has dedicated a fund of $ 10,000 in assets to distribute among the lucky ones who share this new promotion.

To be eligible, we must use the ” Share ” button within the promotion page and this brings us to share the new Binance referral offer on our social media profiles. Winners will split a $ 10,000 prize pool in joint Mystery Boxes . 3 winners will be chosen 3 who will get a BNB as a reward and the rest of the 10,000 dollars will be divided among other eligible users . In this case, the more Mystery Boxes we have obtained by referring friends, the higher the probability of being one of the 3 users who obtain the BNB as a prize.


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