Bitcoin is Approaching $17,000


Bitcoin price at around USD 16,800

The price of 1 BTC is now $16,720. This means a decrease in the price by approx. 1%. on a weekly basis. Bitcoin cost almost as much yesterday as it does today.

Market sentiment is still bad. The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 26, which translates into investor fear.

On the other side, 1 ETH costs 1215 USD. This represents a decrease of 0.4% in 7 days. The price also remains at the same level as yesterday.
However, it is worth noting that 1 ether costs more than $1,200.
Ethereum’s Fear and Greed Index is 37, which also means fear.

Tim Draper remains an optimist. To his Twitter post, he added a photo of him wearing a T-shirt with an inscription suggesting that one bitcoin will cost $250,000 in 2022.

My predictions were a bit wrong

added the investor.

But when can bitcoin cost a quarter of a million dollars? “ Definitely before the halving,” replies Draper.

Are we in danger of falling to $5,000?

In December, the British financial market company Standard Chartered predicted that the price of bitcoin could fall as low as USD 5,000 in 2023. It would be one of the biggest “surprises” of the year. Eric Robertsen from the company added, however, that this is an extreme scenario that deviates from the market consensus.

Recently, we also wrote about the opinion of Robert Kiyosaki, who admitted that he was buying more BTC. As he explained, the point is that the cryptocurrency ” is classified [by officials]as a commodity similar to gold, silver and oil” .


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