CEO’s Resignation Unveils Shocking Allegations in Craig Wright and Bitcoin SV Saga


Christen Ager-Hanssen, the former head of nChain, has resigned and revealed shocking details that shed light on the ongoing saga involving Craig Wright and Bitcoin SV (BSV), which appears to be heading for a disastrous conclusion.

The departure of a CEO from a company is often accompanied by tension, but Christen Ager-Hanssen is taking corporate conflicts to new heights. He held the position of CEO at nChain, the company responsible for developing Bitcoin SV (BSV) node software and serving as a platform for Craig Wright’s patent claims. Ager-Hanssen’s departure represents a significant setback for nChain, and the information he is now making public should dispel any lingering doubts about the authenticity of Craig Wright’s claims and his supporters’ intentions.

In a surprising turn of events, Christen Ager-Hanssen has not only resigned as CEO of nChain but has also taken to Twitter to report serious allegations to the company’s board of directors. What follows is nothing short of remarkable, as Ager-Hanssen’s revelations confirm the suspicions that many have harbored for a long time about Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, and nChain.

Christen alleges a “conspiracy to defraud nChain shareholders orchestrated by a significant shareholder,” likely referring to Calvin Ayre, the owner of CoinGeek. Furthermore, he claims to possess “convincing evidence that Dr. Craig Wright manipulated documents to trick the court into thinking he was Satoshi.” Ager-Hanssen, who initially believed Craig was Satoshi when he took over as nChain CEO, now firmly asserts that “Dr. Craig Wright is NOT Satoshi and that he will lose all legal cases.” He openly acknowledges his earlier error in judgment.

Much of what Christen Ager-Hanssen is revealing only serves to confirm what the majority of people already suspected. However, it may shake the faith of the few who staunchly believed in Craig Wright.

One particularly intriguing find is an email, presumably sent by Calvin Ayre to Craig Wright, which hints at a strained relationship. In the email, Calvin states, “Either way, I won’t follow you into the abyss.” Calvin Ayre, a Canadian who achieved wealth through a poker platform and is known for his involvement with Craig Wright and Bitcoin SV, expresses his dissatisfaction with the ongoing legal dispute surrounding Satoshi’s Bitcoins. He had assumed that Craig and Ramona (Craig’s ex-wife) held the keys to Satoshi’s Bitcoins but now appears to realize that he may have been misled.

Calvin suggests that Craig Wright might lose all court cases but could potentially win the “COPA trial” by revealing the Satoshi keys at Harvard. He gives Craig a final chance to maintain the facade, emphasizing the importance of avoiding further denials that may harm both Craig and his supporters. Calvin also demands that Craig “go to prison for perjury” if he indeed lied under oath about having the keys. Calvin believes it’s better for the world to accept that Craig is not Satoshi than to lose the trial and be considered Satoshi only by historians after his death.

Calvin’s message implies a significant shift in their relationship, though the exact meaning remains unclear. He pledges to continue acting as if Craig is Satoshi until the trial concludes but warns that Craig may need his support more than ever. Calvin will continue funding nChain and the Bitcoin (SV) Association, expecting Craig to repay the money invested in their project personally.

The situation is undoubtedly a complex and evolving one, but these revelations cast further doubt on Craig Wright’s claims and the future of Bitcoin SV. Those who continue to place their trust in Craig may be in for a turbulent ride as the truth unfolds.


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