DecenPool Passive Income Earning Opportunities 2023


Introduction: DecenPool Passive Income Earning

The cryptocurrency world is ripe with opportunities for minimal effort but substantial returns. A standout approach is earning passive income through a reputable and decentralized crypto platform like DecenPool.

Effortless Earnings in Crypto

In this dynamic market, you don’t need to be constantly active. DecenPool offers a straightforward approach to grow your investments without the daily hustle of trading.

Passive Income Simplified

Passive income strategies in cryptocurrency, akin to traditional finance concepts like compounding interest, are not new. DecenPool Passive Income reveals how to utilize these strategies effectively with their unique plans.

Diverse Earning Opportunities with DecenPool

DecenPool operates under a DAO and asset management team, offering varied investment opportunities. It trades in numerous commodities and over ten cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to Begin with DecenPool

Starting your journey with DecenPool Passive Income involves a few simple steps:

  1. Select a plan that suits your financial goals.
  2. Sign up and complete the verification process.
  3. Deposit funds using your preferred method.
  4. Buy some cryptocurrency on the platform.
  5. Start earning interest and exclusive rewards for long-term investments.

Earning Streams in DecenPool Passive Income

DecenPool Passive Income provides four main earning streams:

Passive Income:

Daily earnings on your investment for up to 250 working days.

Passive Royalty Income:

Referral income up to 50 levels, with varying percentages per level.

[50 levels instant referral and indirect referral income model]

LevelIncome Ratio
Level 125%
Level 210%
Level 3 to 55%
Level 6 to 103%
Level 11 to 202%
Level 21 to 301%
Level 31 to 500.5%


Requirement to Disclose the Levels

Members DirectOpen Levels
1 Direct2 Levels Open
2 Direct4 Levels Open
3 Direct6 Levels Open
4 Direct8 Levels Open
5 Direct10 Levels Open
6 Direct15 Levels Open
7 Direct20 Levels Open
8 Direct25 Levels Open
9 Direct30 Levels Open
10 Direct35 Levels Open
11 Direct40 Levels Open
12 Direct45 Levels Open
13 Direct50 Levels Open


Passive Royalty Club Income:

The same value as the total daily passive of the ecosystem with be added by the organization to this pool to issue the achievers five diverse clubs called as “passive pool”. Say for instance, if the total passive of today counts to $1000, then the company will add $1000 to your passive pool.

Club 1- Get 30%

–          Target is $1500 fresh business from 3 directs

–          Maximum limit is $2000

Club 2- Get 10%

–          Target is $7500 fresh business from 5 directs

–          Maximum limit is $10000

Club 3- Get 15%

–          Target is $15000 fresh business from 7 directs

–          Maximum limit is $20000

Club 4- Get 20%

–          Target is to get 3 users of Club 3 achievers

–          Maximum limit is $50000

Club 5- Get 25%

–          Target is to get 4 users of Club 4 achievers

–          Maximum limit is $100000

  1. Fresh Business means to refer new users with the initial pool and make sure renewals are not considered for this pool.
  2. The maximum limit refers to the highest amount that is received after completing the club. Remember, the lower club income gets deactivated after achieving the higher club.

Rewards Program:

Achieve specific business targets to win high-value rewards.

Details of Earning Structures

  • Passive Income: Get a daily interest of 0.80%.
  • Passive Royalty Income: Earn from direct and indirect referrals across 50 levels.
  • Passive Royalty Club Income: Different clubs offer varied percentages of earnings based on your business targets.
  • Rewards Program: Meet set business targets to earn rewards like iPhones and cash bonuses.

Terms and Conditions

To benefit from these programs, be mindful of the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, a 10% admin fee, and renewal conditions after 3x earnings.


DecenPool offers a diverse and user-friendly platform for anyone looking to earn passive income in the cryptocurrency market. With its varied earning plans and straightforward process, it stands as an attractive option for both new and experienced investors.

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