DecenPool Passive Income Earning Opportunities 2023


Desen pool - DecenPool Passive Income Earning Opportunities 2023

The cryptocurrency industry is overflowing with ample opportunities giving in small efforts, where you can achieve in abundance. Considering this line, one thought that comes to my mind is to earn passive income by joining a trusted, authorized and decentralized crypto platform. 

This is the simplest way to earn income and rewards while working less where your active involvement will help you stay updated and sharp.

Here, you need not buy or sell any cryptocurrency constantly in order to boost your portfolio. Isn’t it quite simple instead of juggling around the crypto panels to check on your investment? There are various crypto-powered platforms that now offer high returns in the form of crypto passive income.

This concept is not new though or something revolutionary. If you are not familiar with finances, you might know the concepts of compounding interest or reinvesting dividends which are quite basic crypto investment strategies to earn passive income. DecenPool is a new yielding crypto platform that unveils the secrets to earning passive income using cryptocurrency with four types of plans.

DecenPool Passive Income Earning Opportunities

DecenPool is a yield mechanism-based platform that offers a passive earning program working under DAO and AUM (asset under management team). The organization analysis for trading assets includes Brent crude oil, WTI crude oil, Natural gas, gold, silver, copper, coffee, sugar, cocoa and cotton. Also, there are more than 10 assets available for trading in terms of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Crypton, Decentraland, Binance Coin, Uniswap, Shiba Inu, Cosmos, Tron, Solana Matic, and Cardano.

You know, buying and holding cryptocurrency seems one of the easiest ways to seamlessly generate a return without showing any proactivity in the market. Simply, you can purchase a digital asset and keep it in a safe wallet, evaluating to see the price of stored crypto rising after some time. You can assume it as a long-term strategy that will give you some high-value assets to sell further.

Although, this system can’t be counted as a truly passive income generator. Therefore, you have options and various strategies like staking, lending, cloud mining, yield farming, dividend-earning tokens, etc. If you are starting to use the DecenPool platform for earning some additional assets and income with little or no effort at all you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  •         Decide on your best crypto finance solution and plans to opt;
  •         Complete the signup process according to the panel;
  •         Perform the required ID verification as per DecenPool;
  •         Deposit by your preferred payment method;
  •         After you get access to the platform make sure to purchase some crypto;
  •         For long-term earn interest and exclusive rewards.

DecenPool Earnings

The DecenPool provides you with four types of earning income to boost your yield passive, passive royalty, club passive royalty and rewards. The investment depends on your choice starting from $100 to $100,0000 USD.

Pool 1: Passive Income

  •         Earn 0.80% passive income on daily basis for up to 250 working days
  •         All incomes are auto-credited to the user wallets
  •         You have complete authority to access the dashboard, guides and support channels
  •         Join the DecenPool community to enjoy Airdrops and rewards
  •         The plans offer a weekly locking period after the completed top-up and upgrade

Pool 2: Passive Royalty Income

[50 levels instant referral and indirect referral income model]

LevelIncome Ratio
Level 125%
Level 210%
Level 3 to 55%
Level 6 to 103%
Level 11 to 202%
Level 21 to 301%
Level 31 to 500.5%


Requirement to Disclose the Levels

Members DirectOpen Levels
1 Direct2 Levels Open
2 Direct4 Levels Open
3 Direct6 Levels Open
4 Direct8 Levels Open
5 Direct10 Levels Open
6 Direct15 Levels Open
7 Direct20 Levels Open
8 Direct25 Levels Open
9 Direct30 Levels Open
10 Direct35 Levels Open
11 Direct40 Levels Open
12 Direct45 Levels Open
13 Direct50 Levels Open


Pool 3: Passive Royalty Club Income

Same value as the total daily passive of the ecosystem with be added by the organization to this pool in order to issue the achievers five diverse clubs called as “passive pool”. Say for instance, if the total passive of today counts to $1000, then the company will add $1000 to your passive pool.

Club 1- Get 30%

          Target is $1500 fresh business from 3 directs

          Maximum limit is $2000

Club 2- Get 10%

          Target is $7500 fresh business from 5 directs

          Maximum limit is $10000

Club 3- Get 15%

          Target is $15000 fresh business from 7 directs

          Maximum limit is $20000

Club 4- Get 20%

          Target is to get 3 users of Club 3 achievers

          Maximum limit is $50000

Club 5- Get 25%

          Target is to get 4 users of Club 4 achievers

          Maximum limit is $100000

  1. Fresh Business means to refer new users with the initial pool and make sure renewals are not considered for this pool.
  2. Maximum limit refers to the highest amount that is received after completing the club. Remember, the lower club income gets deactivated after achieving the higher club.

Pool 4: DecenPool Rewards

D1- $3000 from direct business and $25000 business from a team will get iPhone 14 Pro.

D2- $7500 from direct business and $125000 business from a team will get rewards worth $10000+

D2- 3 Decen-2 Pool achievers from 3 different legs with get rewards worth $30000+

D4- 3 Decen-3 Pool achievers from 3 different legs with get rewards worth $100000+

D5- 3 Decen-4 Pool achievers from 3 different legs with get rewards worth $450000+

You need to satisfy these terms and conditions to apply for rewards:

  •         Minimum withdrawal $10/day
  •         Maximum withdrawal will be the same value of current active pool
  •         Admin fee is 10% in terms of service and support
  •         Account renewal can be done after the completion of 3x earning
  •         24*7 withdrawal is available

This is your only chance to get big deals in a short time. For more details reach out to the official web page at 


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