Deutsche Bank’s Escrow Service for Digital Assets, including Bitcoin


Deutsche Bank, a financial powerhouse long signaling its interest in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital assets, is finally taking a significant step forward in partnership with Taurus, a leading technology provider specializing in tokenization and crypto custody. This strategic collaboration will see Deutsche Bank integrating Taurus’ cutting-edge technology into its offerings, with a focus on providing bespoke escrow and tokenization services. While the precise nature of Deutsche Bank’s plans remains shrouded in mystery, one thing is clear: this partnership holds the potential for groundbreaking developments in the world of digital assets.

Taurus’ technology boasts the capability to securely store and manage an extensive array of cryptocurrencies, with provisions for staking where applicable. Moreover, it facilitates the seamless digitization and tokenization of virtually any asset, including the increasingly popular NFTs. To add to its versatility, Taurus’ technology seamlessly integrates stablecoins and other digital currencies into the settlement process. In essence, this collaboration opens up a realm of limitless possibilities.

Paul Maley, a representative from Deutsche Bank, asserts that the digital asset market is poised to become a multi-trillion-dollar industry, compelling trusted institutions like Deutsche Bank to adapt and cater to the evolving needs of their clients. However, the specifics of the bank’s future plans in this domain remain somewhat elusive.

To discern Deutsche Bank’s intentions, one must delve into the past. As early as 2015, the bank conducted successful experiments with blockchain technology by tokenizing bonds. A year later, it joined a consortium of leading banks to explore blockchain applications further. A 2020 World Economic Forum report hinted at Deutsche Bank’s ambition to construct a fully integrated escrow platform for institutional clients and their digital assets, although this seems to pivot more towards tokenized assets than traditional cryptocurrencies, a sentiment echoed by a 2021 customer survey.

Taurus, founded in 2018 as a Swiss startup, has firmly established itself as a technology provider, offering financial institutions the essential infrastructure to navigate the world of digital assets. Impressively, Taurus has already forged partnerships with 25 financial institutions, including stalwarts like Credit Suisse, Swissquote, Vontobel, and, of course, Deutsche Bank. While the extent of these collaborations translating into tangible projects remains somewhat ambiguous, there have been notable demonstrations, such as the creation of an NFT in conjunction with the Swiss Football Association’s women’s national team, a venture involving Credit Suisse. Additional instances include trading tokenized bonds in partnership with SCCF and Horizon Capital and the issuance of tokenized bonds by CODE41 and Cité Gestion.

Overall, Taurus has garnered favorable attention from banks, particularly those in Switzerland, endeavoring to bridge the traditional and crypto financial landscapes, a vision encapsulated by the term “digital assets.”

The compelling allure of Taurus has secured substantial investments, totaling 65 million euros from esteemed institutions like Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. This substantial funding aims to bolster Taurus’ growth strategy and ensure the wider adoption of its technology across the financial industry.

As we eagerly anticipate further developments, we can only hope that this partnership marks the beginning of a transformative era for digital assets at Deutsche Bank, offering much more than the mere repackaging of existing practices.


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