Emerging Trends in NFT Markets: Bitcoin and Solana’s Notable Presence


There have been significant changes in the NFT market which is one of the fastest growing components of the cryptocurrency industry. Formerly Ethereum dominant its now seeing contributions from Bitcoin and Solana. These Bitcoin as well as Solana’s NFT collections had been witnessing impressive progress this week. On particular days, Bitcoin’s ecosystem even surpassed Ethereum to be second best while Solana maintained a decent third position in the market.

On December 12th of this year, it was noted that Bitcoin’s network surpassed Ethereum in terms of daily sales volume according to the collected data from CryptoSlam which is an NFT data platform. NFT sales for Bitcoin exceeded $24 million, which was majorly due to the distribution of Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs For instance, Bitcoin’s 30-day sales totaled over $463 million eclipsing Ethereum which managed approximately $373 million. While progress was made through these actions, NFT collections such as Matr 1x Kuku and Pudgy Penguins continued to generate substantial customer attention, with daily sales on the Ethereum network exceeding US$16 million.

More so, Solana`s network emerged to be the third highest 24 hour sales volumes, surpassing $6 million. These involve well-known collections such as Tensorians, DeGods, and Gaimin Gladiators.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin records an annual increase in popularity on the NTF markets, it has lost behind Ethereum’s annual sales (over $ 41 billion). As of today, Bitcoin’s network has accumulated $1B worth of lifetime NFT sales which places it #6 worldwide listings. Meanwhile, these advancements within the NFT space follow a trending upward curve of Bitcoin interest as a key cryptocurrency and other block chain systems similar to Ethereum and Solana.

Nevertheless, it is in this sector that we are seeing a massive growth especially among the Ethereum based GameFi projects. The token plans behind these projects are attracting both investors as well as new consumers, thus increasing the popularity of this new virtual frontier.




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