Eyes on the Sky: DOGE-1 Satellite Nears Launch: Key Cryptos to Watch


January 12, 2024 marks the date of a SpaceX launch for the DOGE-1 satellite mission. The excitement is building as well! With this Dogecoon-sponsored trip to space, interest is being generated in several cryptocurrencies that could make a resurgence.

Dogecoin: A Stellar Connection

Central to this cosmic effort-given its funding comes from the world of cryptocurrencies–is Dogecoin. The announcement of the project, made in 2021, has reignited passion among Dogecoin devotees who view it as proof that this little coin is good for more than just meme speculation. When the takeoff is imminent, hopes are running high that Dogecoin’s price will skyrocket–it would only be a matter of time until it went even higher than US $ 0.12-if Elon Musk (a vocal supporter) says something on his social media feed for example.

GEC Token: Rising with the Satellite

The other digital asset worth keeping an eye on as the DOGE-1 launch approaches is GEC Token, issued by Geometric Energy Corporation. At its absolute peak it hit $2.79 and had a market cap of 30 million dollars. With a current market cap of only $ 9 million, the GEC Token is currently trading at $.74; we may see it soar even higher as its launch date draws near. Nonetheless, the crypto community now has its attention more tightly focused on the possible approval of a Bitcoin ETF rather than spending much time contemplating GEC Token’s place.

Xi Token: The Advertising Catalyst

The Xi Token, the only medium for advertising coverage payments on DOGE-1 satellite is catching on. The native currency of the XI Protocol and focused on data representation in space, its demand will hugely increase when advertisers jump at this unique opportunity. Currently worth $0.0083 and with a market cap of just over US $ 3 million, the value may increase even more after launch since it plays such an exclusive role in this one satellite mission (the DOGE-1).

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