FUNToken Introduces New Leadership and Teases Upcoming Roadmap


In an era of rapid transformation in the blockchain and online gaming sectors, FUNToken emerges at the forefront with significant strategic shifts and innovations. The company is delighted to announce a fresh and dynamic leadership team. Further positioning this token for a promising future and creating palpable anticipation for its soon-to-be-released roadmap. This renewed momentum is evident from the notable success of the token Seed Fund Initiative, which attracted a staggering 3,500 applications.


Sabine Ross, Business Development Head at FUNToken, commented on the company’s transformation: “Throughout my time navigating the blockchain landscape, I’ve encountered countless innovations. However, the impact and resonance of the FUNToken Seed Fund Initiative stand unparalleled. FUNToken isn’t merely observing the momentum of change; it’s at the forefront of driving it.

The robust partnership between (FBC) and FUNToken strengthens the token’s prospects. By acquiring cold storage from Fun Fair, FBC bolsters FUNToken’s trajectory, offering it direct access to an impressive user base of 51 million. This alliance positions FUNToken for enhanced market visibility and expansive growth.

Key appointments in the new leadership include:

  • Samuel Das, assuming the role of  Group CEO. Recognized as a wetsuit on backtalk, Samuel, the genius behind Freebitco, is geared to guide FUNToken through its next evolution.
  • Nicholas Nanda, stepping in as Group CMO, brings a rich background in internet marketing. Instrumental in Freebitco. ‘s growth, Nicholas’s vision is to heighten FUNToken’s prominence in the crypto realm.
  • Morten Foght, the new Group CFO, showcases a formidable financial strategy and planning record. His insights and expertise herald a period of robust financial growth for FUN Token.
  • Andrew Haigh, taking charge as CTO, carries a vast reservoir of experience from the FinTech sector. A product innovation enthusiast, Andrew is set to steer FUN Token’s technical objectives to novel horizons.
  • Carol Chow, stepping in as Head of Operations. It is a seasoned iGaming and software development veteran, bringing a unique blend of versatility and operational acumen to FUNToken.

With this stellar leadership, FUNToken is well poised for its next chapter. As the crypto community eagerly awaits the unveiling of the company’s roadmap, FUNToken remains committed to its core values of innovation and growth.

In closing, FUNToken’s trajectory signals immense potential, promising innovations, and notable milestones. With the unwavering support of its community, the brand is determined to leave an indelible mark in the blockchain space.

About FUN Token

FUNToken’s mission is to leverage the power of blockchain technology to create “trustless” gaming ecosystems that users can trust and operators can implement effortlessly—supported by industry veteran, FUNToken strives to make non-custodial gaming the new industry standard.

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