GameJet- The Blockchain Ecosystem for Defi and Gaming With 1 Billion JET Tokens!


  • GameJet is a NFT and blockchain gaming platform powered by JET token- a TRC20 token.
  • The project intends to host NFT marketplace and blockchain games with contests and rewards.
  • The users can claim free JET tokens by registering and participating in the bounty program.
  • The JET token will be launched in a presale held in September 2021 and the listing with reward distribution will be done accordingly.
  • GameJet will launch its first game in the month of October 2021 grasping a huge coverage and user acquisition.
  • JET project is going to be among the top gaming and NFT tokens.


GameJet desire to acquire ideas for advanced titles from game players around the gaming space. We are looking to introduce a unique blockchain game where players can easily raise an empire by encouraging a potential champion gaming environment.

Our team is passionate about inaugurating future immersive experiences. Currently, we are thankful to the advancement of blockchain and impressive technology like augmented and virtual reality, AI, deep learning. Therefore, we find huge opportunity to demonstrate the next-generation of interactive games. We intends to incorporate every aspects of market necessities in GameJet gaming and NFT platform.

Indeed, blockchain technology gives us an exceptional way to look at how gamers deal with in-game assets. On the other hand, traditional games are closed circuit designed in a way to lock up all in-game economics.

Every purchase you make for in-game assets hides within the walls on that specific game, offering you zero real-world title of the digital items. We are on a mission to lay down the new industry standard with cordial blockchain technology that imposes true ownership and a store of worth that conserves the legacy.

NFTs empower us to represent authenticity in a radically new way. We are combining Tron smart contract with the fundamentals to digitally verify, track and enforce implementation factors. The complete ownership and all sort of transactions on GameJet are recorded on-chain, immutable, and governed by smart contracts.

GameJet Network will incorporate blockchain technology with an impressive and visual experience at its core. The games principal infrastructure will reinforce cross-app interoperability, support genuine ownership, and the following of provable events live on the blockchain.

The fact says that DApp market almost turned over $6.7B back in 2018. This shows an exclusive future ahead for anyone innovating in the gaming space. We undeniably forecast blue skies.

Recently, we introduced the GameJet bounty program for raising the value of JET tokens. 25 million tokens will be distributed in this campaign. The date to end the bounty program is yet not disclosed. You can join the event right away.

GameJet Bounty Program

To promote the development of GameJet community- the first blockchain gaming ecosystem is now holding an official bounty program at started from 12 June 2021. During this event, 25 million JET tokens will be available to community members who can actively contribute to GameJet social media and share projects’ content online.

This program promotes both task-based rewards including content creation for official project medium blog, trusted portals and also rewards social influencers by offering an opening to earn more tokens while inviting friends, family, acquaintance to join the event. Now the community members can earn thousands of JET tokens and help transform the new era of blockchain entertainment and gaming space.

GameJet is continuously trying to create awareness to empower the developers build exciting entertainment decentralized applications and games. Additionally, the development of our blockchain ecosystem along with some incredible developer tools holds weekly updates. We believe that this will pave the way for a convenient, reliable, robust and more straightforward approach to blockchain projects.

In-Depth Understanding- GameJet

GameJet Network is a next-generation blockchain ecosystem and gaming platform that hold a set of developer tools specifically introduced to simplify the creation of DApps. We make it easier for developers to thrive applications by offering a Blockchain-as-a-Service framework, GameJet intends to brace the next-generation of blockchain entertainment.

Our project involves many experts and investors with incredible experience in corporate, entertainment industry, and indie game publishing. The background of our team members affirms GameJet project holds an expertise to embrace developers build interactive applications and share them with a worldwide audience on a Defi platform.



Q2: Initiating the company- GameJet website launch and release the official whitepaper with a brief introduction about the core objective of the online gaming and blockchain application.

Q3: Blockchain development- Designing of JET tokens on Tron TRC20 platform with a total of 1 billion supply and 0.3 billion pre-mined.

Q4: JET Token Listing on Exchanges- JET tokens will be listed in trusted leading digital asset exchanges.


Q1: Partnership with game developers- The game developers can send their game proposals without constraint to our team with an entitled game concept and token integration.

Q2: Advanced games- The interested developers will reveal the game preview still in process to the GameJet community.

Q3: Beta testing with investors- Our team and JET investors will collaboratively perform beta testing to solve the possible bugs and errors.

Q4: Initial game launch- GameJet will launch its premier wave of games on the official platform.

Launch of the First Blockchain-Based Games on GameJet Platform

GameJet Network is willing to introduce new ideas for revolutionizing an exceptional experience for game players around the space. We will soon expand the development studio being a part of the GameJet Group to an extent of over 200 development teams focusing on major firm structure. Not only the idea makers but also every participant will be rewarded in JET tokens [digital tokens]developed on Tron blockchain.

The platform is also looking ahead to play one additional core function to incorporate and activate the multi-million GameJet games enthusiasts around the world, delegating the purchase of unique products/services specialized in the games of the GameJet project and the impact on the platform development.

The user can register on our platform and use any method to submit your ideas for games. We welcome your opinion and variety of options regarding the online gaming trend. We will also choose the authors who can come up with the best game ideas to further join us on the gaming concept. FYI, we will prepare an agreement for the purpose of copyright and share the per cent share in the profits from the sale of that specific game-based on the assigned concept, in terms of final implementation and release held in October 2021.

We believe to turn the tables on the Ground-breaking ideas for games as these titles will bring in most valuable assets. GameJet specializes in the building of low/medium-budget yet potential games. Though production might take some time but in case of the most interesting idea we will try to drive reliably significant profits.

GameJet JET Tokenspromises to use the entire potential of gaming protocols and applications empowering the user to create their dream games and demanding isolated activities within the GameJet gaming community.

Unlike other ICO start-ups, we will not raise funds directly from the market. Our motive is to get interesting and well-renowned game ideas from players. Moreover, JET tokens will soon be listed on crypto exchanges, so stay tuned.

Presale on GameJet Network

According to our analysis, the overall2.7 billion gamers intends to spend $159.3 billion specifically on games in 2020, with the industry set to transcend $200 billion by 2023. Looking at the compatible gamer activity and influential numbers of new gamers that came into the light in Covid-19. The core marketplace having experienced growth due to global programs since 2020 are Decentralized Finance and eSports gaming.

More players are carefully spending their time and money on regular competitive gaming activities. Moreover, the decline in real-life sports betting with respect to various overall restrictions has further escalated interest in the eSports marketplace.

GameJet acknowledges the potential indulging the DeFi together with Gaming industry newcomers. We are a decentralized eSports platform that believes in demonstrating recurring opportunities for players willing to monetize their efficiency and gaming skills. Our platform has a revolutionary ecosystem that freely sponsor eSports events, individual gamers, and tournaments/competitions for cryptocurrency winnings.

Our project utilizes the in-house JET token to stake by users for P2P tournaments, competitions, and challenges. We will host numerous events like 4 seasonal tournaments with respect to different origins each year. These tournaments are set to be streamed using top leading platforms to thousands of viewers around the ecosystem.

The influential token behind the GameJet ecosystem is the native JET token. We have a limited token supply of 1 billion JET, with only 9% tokens available for marketing purpose, 2.5% tokens are raised for prelisting bounty program. We are also giving away JET tokens in GameJet registration and referral program where user can earn 100 JET tokens just by joining us.

To participate in the presale held in September 2021 at GameJet, you need to connect your wallet especially Tron based wallet, and hold JET tokens. Following the presale of JET tokens, you can also buy this asset for trading on Pancake Swap.

To enter the future of DeFi and Gaming with us, pick up your JET today on the Bounty program running on the official website.You can follow GameJet here: Facebook | Twitter | Medium | Reddit | Telegram | Website.


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