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MineDollars is an online investment platform where you can select and subscribe to mining plans. Further, the platform offers diverse plans to subscribe to some of the major crypto assets. On top of that, the platform offers $10 as a sign-up bonus. Therefore, in this MineDollars review, we’re going to go through all the steps to earn free crypto.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • A unique platform that let’s you subscribe to plans and then rewards you through crypto volatility.
  • The platform only accepts crypto deposits.
  • A beginner-friendly platform.
  • Making an account and signing up is matter of less then a minute.
  • Guaranteed returns. 
  • No maintenance or deposit fees. 
  • A straightforward approach to investment, that is store and earn on the number of days specified. 

What is MineDollars?

MineDollars is an investment company that works on mining USD through the highly volatile crypto industry. The platform uses crypto to mine and gives guaranteed revenue to its users. Yes, you read that right. The profit is guaranteed. For example, let’s say you invest in the $10 USDT hashrate

 exclusive plan, now your funds would be locked for one day. Thereafter, once the subscription ends, the reward, i.e. $0.6, and your capital are immediately transferred to your account. You can then easily withdraw your funds or continue investing.

MineDollars Review: Dashboard

The dashboard is undoubtedly beginner-friendly. Just by looking at the interface, we can understand our orders, time at which the order was placed. In addition, you can have access to the past three months of your orders all on the dashboard.

By clicking on the view you can instantly have a mini summary of your complete order. Once you place an order, the amount at the top which says ‘balance’ will come down to your dashboard as an order. So, if you don’t see your balance amount up there, you can find it on the dashboard. dashboard

MineDollars Review: Packages 

You can find more than five different kinds of packages for investment and earn guaranteed profits. Different kinds of packages offered are as follows:


MineDollars Review: Packages

What to expect from USDT hashrate package:

  • Price to invest: $10
  • Profit: $0.6
  • Terms: 1 day

What to expect from ETH hashrate package:

  • Price to invest: $100
  • Profit: $6
  • Terms: 3 days

What to expect from LTC hashrate package:

  • Price to invest: $420
  • Profit: $63
  • Terms: 7 days

What to expect from USDC hashrate package:

  • Price to invest: $1200
  • Profit: $384
  • Terms: 14 days

What to expect from BTC hashrate package:

  • Price to invest: $3000
  • Profit: $1980
  • Terms: 30 days

How to use MineDollars?

Making an account on MineDollars is an instant procedure. It will not take a minute to set your account. There are no verifications required all you have to do is give your mail-id and set your password to set up your account. Yes! Just these two things are asked of you. Follow the steps given below and create your account. 

  • The first step is to land on the official web page of MineDollars. 
  • Then, click on “Join us” or “sign up”
  • A screen will pop up which says let’s get started. Have a look at the image given below:
  • Fill in the details, and type in the verification code. 
  • Click on “Join now”. And you have your account created. 
  • You also receive a $10 experiment amount in your account.

How to Deposit on MineDollars?

To deposit on MineDollars you need to do the following steps:

  • Create an account on MineDollars.
  • Log in to your account, and go to settings.
  • Click and select wallet type The platform gives you many types of Wallet that you can use. That is USDT-TRC20, LTC,  USDC,BTC and so on. Select your type. 
  • Give the correspondence wallet address. Make sure you give the correct address.
  • Save the address and wallet type. 
  • Now, go to “Deposit”, and enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Note that the minimum deposit amount is $100. 
  • Select the mode of payment, that is your wallet type. You can find this just above the deposit box. 
  • Click on “Make Deposit”.
  • A screen like this will pop up. Have a look at the image given below:

You can either scan the QR code or copy the address given below. 

  • Once you copy the address or scan the QR code the and the payment is made, scroll down to see the deposit history. 
  • You will find an option called “upload”. Click on that and upload transaction number of your successful transfer. 
  • Once done, you will have your deposit made withing a few minutes.

How to Deposit on MineDollars

How to Withdraw from MineDollars?

To withdraw from MineDollars follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to your account. 
  • Go to withdraw. 
  • Pick your wallet. Note that if this is your first withdrawal the charges are free, no withdrawing fees for the first withdrawal. 
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Note that the minimum withdrawal amount is $100. 
  • Click on withdraw funds, and you will have it withdrawn on the wallet address you provided above. 
  • The process may take a few minutes for the transaction to be successful.

MineDollars Review: Referral

If any user signs up through your referral links and makes purchases, then you receive a commission of 3% on all the purchases made by them. So for example, if any user signs up with your referral link and makes a purchase of say $1000, you will receive $30 for free. 

The platform MineDollars offers a referral plan to its users. They can earn commission through the referral links given to them by the platform. referral

MineDollars Fees

There are no maintenance and deposit fees involved. However, note that the withdrawing charges are subject to the transaction fees paid to the blockchain being used. The minimum withdrawal limit is $100. Withdrawal charges for each coin are as follows:

  • BTC : 0.0004 BTC
  • ETH: 0.004 ETH
  • DASH: 0.002 DASH
  • LTC : 0.001LTC
  • USDC : 10 USDC 
  • BCH: 0.1 BCH

Note that, charges associated with coins like USDT and LTC are <= $1.

Is MineDollars safe to use?

As they say, the platform is regulated under the supervision of the government and every contract has its legal benefit. They have an insurance policy for every investment. In addition, they guarantee profits to its users. Note that, the insurance is provided through AIG.

MineDollars has 60000 happy clients across 165 countries with 320K+ registered users. Furthermore, the sign-up procedure is secured by 256 SSL encryption to protect the privacy of the users.

Help and Customer Support

For customer support and help you can mail them at or use the online customer service that pops up at the right corner of your screen. Online customer support is great at answering all your basic queries, they respond to you in a very quick time gap. Drop a question, and they will ask for your mail to verify and all your queries will be attended. 

Perks Provided by MineDollars

As soon as you sign-up the platform gives you a $10 experiment balance in your account. You can easily invest those $10 in the first USDT plan exclusive to new users and see for yourself if the profits are generated or not. You can call this a demo of the services provided by the platform. 

Pros of MineDollars

A unique way of investing and earning in cryptocurrency.
Guaranteed profit.
Low fees, with no maintenance fees involved. 
Instant online customer support is provided. 
Insurance is given to every investment. 
Perks like $10 for the experiment are provided to every user after creating an account. 

Conclusion: MineDollars Review

MineDollars is a great platform for someone who wants to store their crypto investments and multiply their return with a guarantee. In addition, the platform guarantees the security of your funds, and in case of any losses all of your assets are insured by AIG. 

The interface is beginner-friendly, at the same time the navigation of the platform and other transaction processes are pretty easy to execute. There are no deposit or maintenance fees, the withdrawal charges depend on the gas fees of the blockchain being used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MineDollars legit?

Yes, MineDollars is legit. You can check out their official web page where they display the testimonials of 60000 happy clients. The platform is available across 165 countries and has a user base of 320K+. 

What kind of Wallets can I connect?

There are many kinds of wallets that you can save on the MineDollars platform for depositing and withdrawing, that is:


MineDollars provides insurance through which company?

MineDollars insures the return of capital amount through AIG insurance company.  

How much do I get as a welcome bonus?

As a welcome bonus, you receive $10 in your account. 


Avoid Scam

  • Minedollars is safe and secure:Always look for security signs on your browser before you trade. On Minedollars, clients’ funds are kept secured in tier 1 banks, and all of their personal information is guarded under SSL encryption. 
  • Minedollars has round-the-clock support:The support team is available 24 hours a day on mining days, meaning Minedollars clients always have someone to turn to if they encounter a problem or require assistance.
  • Regulated mining platforms operate under strict supervision and cannot be scams. Mining is risky, and some people who lose money on mining online are quick to accuse the platform of calling it a “scam.” This is one of the reasons why Minedollars offers risk management tools and allows you to withdraw funds at any time.

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