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There are many ways to earn money with cryptocurrencies, like investing early in projects with potential, trading on crypto exchanges and mining. While the first two options involve a lot of risks, mining is considered the less risky way to make money with cryptocurrencies because the invested capital is usually paid in 6-12 months and sometimes even less. However, mining might be challenging for many because it involves buying equipment and setting up mining farms. But there is something called virtual mining which does not involve creating your own mining farm but you pay the money to rent the mining power from data centers or online virtual mining providers.

In this article, we will explain how virtual mining works on one of the oldest crypto trading platforms, YoBit exchange. YoBit launched Vmining in September this year.

Yobit offers several packages for virtual mining starting from as low as 0.03481193 BTC for the Micro miner to 17.40598895 BTC for the Vip miner.

Virtual mining packages offered from YoBit.

What are the advantages of YoBit VMining?

Reliability– The company behind the project is one of the top-rated crypto exchanges for the high level of security that has never been hacked. Yobit is an exchange that has been around since the early days in 2014 and has a $60 million trading volume according to CoinMarketCap.

Practicality – The platform makes the Vmining process simple for the user. The user does not need to do complex configurations or even choose which coin to mine or buy mining contracts. The platform’s algorithm does all the work in order to maximize the users’ profit.

Payouts are issued daily in MINEX tokens- The profit earned from the mining process can be withdrawn every day in MINEX tokens. While the Vmining system grows and becomes more mainstream the demand for the MINEX tokens also will grow which translates in a growing price. The token is supported by the exchange and actually, the price is growing constantly.

Affordable price packages. The smallest miner package YoBit offers costs $385 worth of bitcoins.

Fast Payback. The estimated time these Vminig packages payback is around in 2-2.5 months, which makes the investment extremely profitable. So for example, if you buy the Micro miner package which costs  approximately 0.034 BTC, at the actual bitcoin prices,  the principal investment will return in a couple of months

Reviews about YoBit Vmining

A big number of crypto enthusiasts have chosen YoBit for its reliability, simplicity and flexibility. Here there are some reviews from Youtubers that have posted videos about this new service launched recently by YoBit. Those bloggers showed on the videos below how they make profits with yobit virtual mining

With the cryptosphere moving fast it is worth paying attention to platforms that are evolving constantly like Yobit and take the chance to capitalize on this new opportunity.


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