How To Make Profit on Digital Products: Interview with EXPO R&M Ambassador


Today we’re accompanied by Agris Chukurs, a committed entrepreneur, author and executive, who joined us to tell more about his past experience and most recent activities.

Greetings, Mr. Chukurs, and it’s nice to have you here with us. You have already been in the field for quite some time, isn’t it?

Greetings and thanks for having me, it’s a true pleasure to be here. You’re right, I’ve had more than 28 years of experience being an entrepreneur and executive for various companies. In the early 2000s, I was employed as an executive for life insurance companies, working on advisory, public relations and networking. After that, I’ve managed to join American Bankers Insurance Company Of Florida, become a shareholder and get a place in the Board of Directors. Of course, that’s not all of my career, it’s full of various side projects. For example, I’ve conducted a great number of seminars across 23 European countries, founded the “Way of Future” magazine and published 2 books with my wife as a co-author.  This experience, the need to be constantly moving around the globe allowed me to gain the connections and knowledge that are vital for this field. But let’s not talk much about my past experience. Right now, I’m deeply engaged in promoting a unique tech company — EXPO Research & Management.

Glad that you mentioned EXPO R&M. Could you briefly describe it for our readers? What purpose does it serve? Where does EXPO come from and what makes it unique?

Well, EXPO R&M is a modern tech company that develops digital products. It provides vital services for users to enhance their everyday life and empower them to become financially independent. Today, most companies focus more on promotion than developing actual products for customers. Well, that’s not the case with EXPO. They’ve created an ecosystem of fully digital products that are already available for use. They also provide tailor-made blockchain solutions for clients around the world that enable their businesses to thrive and expand. EXPO R&M aims to make every business in the world operate in a more digital context, implying the use and adoption of digital currencies.   

It is truly a great cause. But how does your platform work? What makes EXPO R&M remarkable for customers and how do you plan to expand the system?

What makes EXPO unique, is the core design of the platform’s architecture. As an ecosystem, it unifies user’s interaction and provides automatic network synchronization between all existing products and future releases. This unification allows to bring overall performance on a new level and allow seamless product integration without disruptions. We’ve focused on the customer and their needs to provide a truly definitive experience — users can choose their own set of tools to utilize and build their well-being.

Talking about those tools, are there any products already available? We believe there should be. You couldn’t have launched with a bare carcass!

Oh, you’re completely right. EXPO R&M promotes long-term partnerships built on fidelity and mutual profitability. Our first main task on the way to worldwide expansion is to acquire a large, dedicated customer base that utilizes products on a daily basis. Among the most popular products available, I can name their electronic payment system, a cryptocurrency exchange bot. They provide a seamless transition to the digital world and allow users to start their crypto journey with just a couple of clicks. Along with these, EXPO has also released a unique digital investment product, EXPO Plan, that broadens the range of profitable opportunities within the platform through enhanced user engagement techniques.

If we get this correctly, EXPO Plan takes a vital part in your ecosystem right now. How do users experience it? We’ve made sure to break down the process and simplify it for users as much as possible. EXPO Plan embodies a quality approach to user engagement as it provides an ability to increase participant’s income through networking. Simply said, it gives a transparent fund distribution mechanism within the client’s network and rewards active users. The money doesn’t come from air, it comes from people using our products. 

A clever solution, nonetheless. What about other products and plans for further development?

We have developed an extensive plan that ensures evolution throughout the next year, including product releases, functionality updates, and some exciting news! EXPO R&M is aimed for the future: to explore the trends, the challenges, the risks and where we fit in as one of the fastest-growing companies. Our main task is to fully utilize EXPO Plan’s capabilities to gain the most solid asset of this digital era — a loyal and proactive community of educated investors. To move further, we’ve prepared a number of solutions aimed to further enhance user’s digital experience. Let’s take a look at the user’s privacy sphere, for example. Many users aren’t able to secure their private life from governments and corporations, who spy on their activity to acquire some of that sweet user data. Nimbus Core is committed to resolving this issue with two unique products that allow users to encrypt data and get ultimate security in the age of total surveillance — EXPO Mail and EXPO Messenger. Besides achieving security, EXPO focuses to provide value and financially empower users with a unique trading solution — EXPO CryptoCaps platform. It utilizes the might of predictive modelling techniques to create next-gen technical indicators that provide infallible predictions on market dynamics. As a matter of fact, EXPO R&M also stands strongly on positions of transparency and integrity. Being a private company, they made a decision to publish shareholder reports and thus achieve maximum trust with investors.  All these products are made to ensure user’s satisfaction and achieve an ever-growing customer base which will allow the company to reach a market cap of $1,000,000 and list on public exchanges. Our expert team of analysts estimate the start of IPO phase by 2023. A whole new world is waiting for us.

Agris, thank you for the interview and for sharing your insights about the EXPO Research & Management. Our team wishes you tremendous success in all your future endeavors.


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