Massive Bitcoin Boom is Coming, say Investor Reports


Two great guides for investors speculate what role Bitcoin will play in the current economic crisis and what impact halving can have on price. The forecasts are so bullish that it takes your shoes off.

It is well known that Bitcoiner likes to throw daring forecasts around. 50,000 dollars, 100,000 dollars, one million – the estimates of where the price of Bitcoin is going cannot be high enough.

Some time ago, an analyst from the Bayerische Landesbank also joined such forecasts, although without becoming too explicit. Now there are other predictions from investment advice companies, both of which have nothing to do with Bitcoin per se, but which are in no way inferior to the optimism of the Bitcoin community. We looked at two of them.

Up to a million dollars per Bitcoin

The first report is from Realvision. This is a portal for investors that regularly publishes news and reports. According to the self-description, Realvision is “a place where the most successful investors in the world share their thoughts about what is happening in today’s markets.” The portal has now published a report that analyzes the economic consequences of the Corona crisis, and what role gold and bitcoin play in it.

The report sings about most of a crisis blues that can frighten you. The drama would “probably happen in three acts”: first the panic, then the hope – in one of the two acts we are currently – and finally the involvement: “The brutal phase that changes everything, including the system itself.” Then the report shows many pages of facts and charts about the coronavirus, as well as stating that there is so much we don’t know about the virus and government responses. Which is a very worrying fact.

However, the economic consequences to date are clear. The corona crisis is “without a doubt the biggest economic event of the past 150 years.” In China, production and consumption figures fell more than ever before, similarly in Australia and Japan. Europe “suffered the worst collapse in history”, as did the United Kingdom and the United States, where unemployment reports multiplied overnight. There has never been such a violent global economic crisis. And what it boils down to is not yet visible. The final panic is still ahead of us. The author of the report fears that this will be an “all-out crisis”, in which not just one but numerous bubbles burst while financial and money crises break out at the same time. The meltdown of the global financial system threatens. The coronavirus is not the cause

Finally, the report entitled “The Future” also talks about Bitcoin. He sees “the potential risk that our monetary system and our financial architecture will fail.” The only answers that made sense were gold and bitcoin. “Both will save us and probably make us rich.” Gold could increase three or five times in the coming years. Bitcoin is “a completely different story.” The cryptocurrency could reach “up to a million dollars” per coin in the same period. Because Bitcoin is “not just a currency or a store of value. It is a completely trustworthy, verified, secure booking system for digital assets. ”A crisis like the one we are currently in, according to the report, is exactly what Bitcoin was made for.

This report was not written by a Bitcoin organization, mind you.

Massive wealth for investors

Weiss Ratings is also not a Bitcoin organization. Weiss is a long-established investment valuation company that also publishes regular reports on a wide range of topics. In one of the latest reports, she focuses on the upcoming halving of Bitcoin and its impact on the price.

According to Weiss, the halving has the potential to “unleash a historic bull cryptocurrency market and bring massive wealth to investors.” The event will trigger a “massive cryptocurrency super boom” that will send Bitcoin and other selected coins to new all-time highs. Because the trigger for this event is directly in the code. No government, no organization, and no group of individuals, no matter how powerful or rich can prevent this button from being pressed. And every time this event happened, it triggered an unprecedented bull market for cryptocurrencies. ”

Halving is now a historical event not only in the narrow Bitcoin scene. Its importance also radiates to the more general financial world. Whether the assumption that it will bring investors unheard-of wealth is confirmed, however, is just as uncertain as Bitcoin would reach a million dollars in the coming years. In my opinion, whether Bitcoiner or investment advisor, one should hold back with such forecasts. But the fact that they do exist and that serious investment advisors meanwhile say exactly what some crazy people from the Bitcoin scene previously rumored – that can be understood as a good sign.


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