MicroStrategy increases its Bitcoin holdings to 140K with new purchase


MicroStrategy, the business intelligence company founded by Michael Saylor and the largest holder of Bitcoin in the corporate world, has recently announced another notable purchase of the digital asset worth $29.3 million.

This latest acquisition has helped the company reach a whopping 140,000 Bitcoin in its holdings.

The company had been relatively quiet for several months when the cryptocurrency’s price was struggling below $20,000. However, in March, MicroStrategy began accumulating Bitcoin once again by purchasing 6,500 BTC and also repaid a $205 million loan that it took a year earlier from Silvergate Bank.

On April 5, the firm’s former CEO Michael Saylor announced the second purchase of the year. MicroStrategy bought 1,045 Bitcoin for $29.3 million, with an average price of $28,016.

While this purchase isn’t the company’s largest single purchase, it has managed to round up its BTC holdings to 140,000.

MicroStrategy began accumulating BTC in August 2020 and has since spent nearly $4.2 billion for its 140K BTC, with an average price of $29,803 per Bitcoin.

It’s worth noting that just a few months ago, the company’s position was deep underwater when the asset’s price dropped way below $20,000. However, MicroStrategy is now almost at break even.


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