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November 1st, 2021 – Today, with global warming a primary concern for many people, there is a need to deviate into clean energy entirely. Traditional cars running in gases cause more problems than they tend to solve.

Energy cars are taking centre stage. There is a need to create a synergy where you can buy energy cars using Cryptocurrency. Interestingly, the My Tesla Token (MTT) provides an avenue where anyone can pull their MTT debit card and buy a Tesla. If you think you can’t own a Tesla car, the MTT card will provide a quick link to achieving that.

Recently, there have been several backlashes on the environmental damage cryptocurrency mining causes. While the concerns are genuine, championing a course for an eco-friendlier environment through Cryptocurrency can be a step ahead. Recent studies show that an electric car’s carbon emission is between 15 to 32% lower than diesel or petrol cars.

Bottleneck with third-party transactions

Besides the environmental challenges, there is another major issue that requires an urgent solution. Car rental and leasing services depend mainly on financial institutions to process electronic payments.

Undoubtedly, the future of cars are electric cars. Significant improvements in technology and a vast collection of electric car models will stimulate consumers purchasing appetite.

The market will spike in the next few years. However, performing financial transactions with third-party platforms comes with different bottlenecks that can create further problems.

For instance, transactions with financial institutions are entirely irreversible; regrettably, the cost of mediating disputes increases transaction costs, limits transaction sizes, and cuts everyday transactions. Nevertheless, there are opportunities for anyone to own and get profits from owning a part of a Tesla Token.

Understandably, some aspects of fraudulent activities are unavoidable, especially when dealing with in person. However, no mechanism exists for payment to be made through communications channels that won’t require any trusted party.

Therefore, rather than using third parties, an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof can solve the bottleneck of using a third party. MTT will offer the opportunity for any two individuals to transact (buy or rent) a Tesla without requiring any trusted third party.

The Tesla Token (MTT) Solution

MTT uses the BEP-20 standard token on the Smart Chain Blockchain, which will serve as the digital currency for the MyTeslaToken community. The plan is to make MTT the go-to token within the cryptocurrency community.

Interestingly, it will be used to perform daily transactions within the community. In addition, investors can use MTT as a store of value to diversify their investment.

Furthermore, anyone can use or accept MTT to perfect transactions within the cryptocurrency industry. Since MTT is built using the BEP-20 standard, it is compatible with several services, including MetaMask, and Trust Wallet.

The project will provide a transparent and cost-efficient token within the crypto community. Investors can use the token to rent or lease cars and get dividends of the profits. Besides this, holders of the MyTeslaToken can also farm or stake their tokens within a liquidity pool to get passive income.

The token will use the BEP-20 smart chain contract to offer investors opportunities to purchase the token. Currently, the token is in its initial coin offering (ICO) stage, with each MTT pegged to a price of $0.00001.

Overall, there will be 50 stages; the project is at stage 3, which offers investors the opportunity to buy the token using a crypto or debit card. There are plans to provide a free Tesla car to one winner once it gets to stage 25. The winner will be selected through a raffle draw.

Once it gets to stage 50, the control address will be available for token holders to set up their trading account using the Trust wallet. Not only will it be traded on the Pancake Swap website, but it is also will be available on other renowned platforms. In its whitepaper, the platform also provided detailed information about its token distribution.

Our goal is to see everyone have access to MTT, which provides an opportunity to own some part of a Tesla hire car company. Furthermore, at stage 50, the ICO comes to an end with the contract address provided to invest.

The token will be added on several platforms, including Hotbit, Binance, and Coinbase, with increased prices. MTT is the secret key to owning a Tesla car in the future. Energy car is the new future, and MTT is the access you need to the future.

About My Tesla Token

MY TESLA TOKEN is a privately owned Ltd company in England that uses the standard BEP-20 token to provide fast peer-to-peer transactions to investors. It also pays dividends to long-term token holders. It has no affiliation with Tesla, Inc. It is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) licensed BEP-20 Smart Chain Token and Blockchain verified.

My Tesla Token is built using Blockchain on the idea of peer-to-peer networks, providing a global data set that every investor can trust despite not knowing each other.

It offers a shared and trusted transaction ledger, where immutable and encrypted copies of information are stored on each network node. It also provides economic incentives to make the network attack-free, fault-tolerant, and collision-resistant.

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