QChain Token Has Officially Become a Payment Currency


QChain, the blockchain-powered productive platform, has officially announced that its native token, QDT, has become a payment currency. Through this update, the crypto project aims to have an impact on TradFi (traditional finance), where increasingly more companies are implementing crypto technologies in their products, services, and processes. 

New Partnerships, Plenty of Improvements to Come

QChain is a blockchain network that has recently announced an exciting update regarding its native token. QDT has officially become a payment currency thanks to a partnership between QChain and IvendPay. The latter is a company focused on making instant crypto transactions easy and accessible for everyone. It combines traditional payment methods with crypto transactions in order to offer worldwide users more new opportunities. 

IvendPay has recently decided to add QChain’s native token, QDT, to the list of assets available on the platform. So, every user who has access to an IvendPay POS can now pay for various products with QDT tokens. 

Crypto payments can have a lot of advantages compared to the usual bank transfers, and both QChain and IvendPay seem to have understood that. The partnership agreement between IvendPay and QChain is another step towards mass adoption and the cherished goal of the entire crypto space – growing the crypto community as much as possible.

However, to achieve crypto mass adoption, preparing and offering the appropriate infrastructure is necessary, which is what the QChain team is doing. Each new partnership is an opportunity to improve the QChain ecosystem, and the team behind the crypto project is dedicated to offering crypto users high-quality services and products.

Furthermore, a partner like IvendPay can help QChain gain a significant amount of popularity, thus helping the company receive the funds needed to develop even more services for worldwide users. IvendPay has strong partners in the crypto industry, such as Binance Pay, OKX, ZimaBank, and MarketMakingPro. The company provides customizable tools that allow businesses to tailor the system to their needs. 

Such freedom can bring significantly more companies to the table, and once IvendPay becomes more successful, its partners will not be held back. This is why QChain will have much to win from this strategic partnership. 

There Is Always Room for More

QChain does not stop here. Its ecosystem is bound to grow even more, and a significant project that proves this is the company’s crypto casino called XGameChain. QChain states that XGameChain is the 1st crypto casino developed based on blockchain 5.0 technology. 

XGameChain surprises its users with a wide variety of crypto gambling games, including the most popular ones, such as baccarat, roulette, or poker. The security and privacy features developed for the platform are pretty high, and users can gamble with multiple cryptocurrencies.

Other significant projects developed by QChain include QStorage, QDex, AZ Pool, and Age of Mars, a game that challenges users to create a habitable planet by completing various actions. 

About QChain

QChain is a full-fledged blockchain platform that can be used by both common users and experienced developers with more powerful processors and advanced technologies. Functioning based on smart contracts, QChain can create a 4-dimensional blockchain. This allows the crypto project to conclude deals between several participants at once, which can improve the performance of the ecosystem. 

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