Satoshi Nakamoto Also Created Monero – Suggest Monero Outreach Researchers


Although still, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is (was?), Now there is a theory according to which he could also design … Monero.

Satoshi Nakamoto also created Monero?

New research by Monero Outreach indicates that Bitcoin and Monero may be the work of the same person or entity.

We remind you that Monero is a cryptocurrency that appeared on the market in 2014. It guarantees secure and anonymous transactions concluded using blockchain. Some even think that it is a polished Bitcoin, which is also in some sense a design flaw. Today, Monero is, for example, removed from many cryptocurrency exchanges precisely because it guarantees full anonymity, which regulators in many countries do not like.

Let’s return to the new, surprising theory. The official document on Monero technology was published on December 12, 2012, i.e. a few years after the creation of BTC. The author of the white paper of the project is Nicolas van Saberhagen. This is of course a nickname.

Monero Outreach now suggests that Satoshi Nakamoto and Nicolas van Saberhagen are the same people or teams of programmers. The point is that already in the posts on the Bitcointalk forum from August 2010, Nakamoto shared with the world his first concepts of transaction privacy, which later appeared in the white paper of Monero. For example, hidden addresses.

Monero is also a development of BTC. His digging its more accessible to anyone who uses typical GPUs , which in the case of Bitcoin are already not very effective.

More “evidence”

It’s not everything. Analyzing the writing style of both (?) White paper authors, similarities can be seen. Some are, according to researchers, visible to the naked eye.

Thunderosa from Monero Outreach Organizer has now told the media:

“When you first look at those two documents side by side you can get floored by the crazy similarities. Maybe we should start calling the author Satoshi van Saberhagen.”

Does that make sense?

Theoretically, all of the above is possible. Only one thing to keep in mind – the creator of Monero could simply be inspired by Nakamoto’s concepts. Perhaps he also read the BTC white paper thoroughly, which translated into similarities in writing style. We still don’t know enough about Satoshi to make such far-reaching visions …


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