Shibarium’s Remarkable Achievement: Surpassing 90 Million Transaction


Shiba Inu’s Layer-2 solution, Shibarium, has made history with more than ninety-million records to date. The achievement is crucial, and that strengthens the growing appearance in the Layer-2 world as well as among the Shiba Inu community. However, it is worth mentioning that despite this, there is no significant effect in terms of its price.

During the last three weeks, Shibarium recorded a high value of 90,293,648 on transactions. The platform averages around seven and a half million transactions per day since two days now, at its best 7.84 millions transactions the last 24 hours.

Shibuamscan data also indicates an increase in the number of wallets that have surpassed one million with over 2 million blocks having been processed into 2,081,987 blocks.

Shibarium Christmas Gift Party: A Collaboration with Tangem

Recently, Lucie, one of the important members of the Shiba Inu team, announced the Shibarium party, marking the holiday season. The presence of Tangem Wallets in this event that takes place on December 20th makes it more interesting. As partying gift, Tangem Shib and Shibb will be provided with ten Shib and ten BaD Hardware Wallets respectively.

Shib Magazine has been significantly improved in its other update. The shibainu discord admin, Davinci, telegrammed and said that the magazine’s site has been slightly improved. By releasing new content every Tuesday, the team has shown its commitment to the improvement of user experience.

Future Prospects: Will Shiba Coin’s Value Rise?

Playing leading roles as Shibamarin sets several records will demonstrate how such technologies are increasingly recognized by the general crypto community. The investors eye will be on the success of Shibarium as well as other evolutions within the ecosystem of Shiba Inu. At present, Shiba’s coin is trading around $0.0000095.

Although the direct causal connection between Shibarium’s success and Shiba Coin’s may not be clearly articulated here, the future prospects are impressive. It may be revealed in the next days if SHIB’s price will lose some zeros.


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