The Rise in Solana’s Price Parallels an Increase in Investor Interest


Between October and December, the search interest for Solana on Google surged by 250 %, reflecting both that altcoin’s price rise as well as users ‘elevation of many meme tokens built upon it from obscure to notable.

Google Popularity of Solana is Rising

As reported by The Block, Google searches for Solana were up 250 % between early October to early December. From a level of 14 in May, search interest for the word “Solana” increased over two months to reach almost half that at its peak in 200.

The rise in Google searches for Solana occurred at the same time that SOL gained significantly and meme coins based on Solana exploded on to the scene, most notably BONK.

SOL’s Notable Market Performance

Block’s research analyst, Rebecca Stevens noted that SOL has performed stunningly in terms of price compared with the majority of other assets. This may have stimulated greater interest. By December 18, SOL’s price had surged by a whopping 224 % as CoinMarketCap data indicates.

SOL’s strong showing has caught the attention of major industry figures. Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood praised Solana for its speed and low cost, even going so far as to compare it with Ethereum (ETH). During that same period, Ethereum’s ETH went from around $1,580 to almost$ 2,400. This is a larger increase of about 52 % compared with SOL

According to the latest figures, in the past 24 hours SOL gained 9.26% and reached $76.21; during this period ETH was up by 3.

Disclaimer: This article is for illustrative and informational purposes only. As for the high instability and risks involved in cryptocurrency trading, investors are welcome to investigate themselves.


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