The Third-Largest Bank in Germany, “comdirect” Offering Savings Plans in Crypto


The comdirect bank which is the third-largest bank in Germany is adding 11 crypto ETPs to its savings plan offer. The bank’s nearly three million customers can now invest monthly fixed amounts in Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other cryptocurrencies.

We take the wishes of your customers to heart, writes comdirect on its savings plan page, where it offers “securities that you ask for” in the form of savings plans. As of recently, the bank’s 2.9 million customers can also invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and crypto indices and baskets.

Because the bank has entered into a partnership with the Swiss company 21Shares AG in order to integrate the Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) from 21Shares into the savings plan. The 11 offered ETPs are all 100 percent physically covered, which means in the case that 21Shares actually hold the cryptocurrencies that represent the securities. With the ETPs you can invest in solid cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also in more risky, experimental, or questionable coins such as Ripple, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Solana and Polkadot. The three indexes or basket ETPs, which represent the ten or five largest cryptocurrencies or just Bitcoin and Ethereum, should also be particularly interesting.

Most of the ETPs are issued on the Swiss stock exchange, but in most cases, they are also traded on the Stuttgart and Düsseldorf stock exchanges and in some cases via Tradegate. However, Comdirect customers enjoy the advantage that they can purchase the ETPs free of charge. And as part of a savings plan, a fixed amount can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies every month via ETPs.

Comdirect is a formerly independent bank that was founded as a subsidiary by Commerzbank in 1994, but merged into the parent bank last year. Under the motto “Bank rethinking”, Comdirect is supposed to be the innovative, digital, young branch of Commerzbank, which works closely with fintech.

With 21Shares, the bank is now cooperating with one of the largest providers of crypto-based securities, which not only issues the now almost common Bitcoin or Ether ETPs, but also displays numerous other, smaller, perhaps promising cryptocurrencies as well as indices and baskets. In total, the securities issued by 21Shares total assets of $ 1.35 billion.


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