VanEck Foresees Bright Future for Blockchain Gaming with MGLS and Illuvium


VanEck’s latest study foresees major growth in blockchain games and promising future for game-oriented tokens such as Illuvium (ILV) and Meme Moguls (MGLS). On a positive note, Illuvium is already on a good wicket although it may seem that Meme Moguls’ ICO is a huge sensation. At the moment, the first phase of the presale predicts that MGLS’s price is going to jump by about 6 fold until 2024.

Meme Moguls gearing up for success

In the booming blockchain gaming industry, a new platform called Memegg (Moguls) (MGLS) brings together memes and gaming elements. Its uniqueness is in an earn-to-play game with investments and creation of assets based on memes. These simulated stock market games allow players to engage in simulated stock trading which helps them earn rewards.

Key Features of Meme Moguls:

Staking: It’s a staking system for tokens, such that the user gets paid according to their stakes.
Moguls World: A riveting metaverse platform for net-working, token mining, and liquidity pool participation.
Token Utility: Holders receive governance rights and staking income while their tokens power the network.
Meme, Mogul is costing $0.0021 in stage one, providing early investors’ profit of 10 percent. Currently, the project has raised over $178K and the token could surge to $0.19 by year 2024.

Illuvium secures a partnership with Team Liquid

Illuvium joins forces with the largest eSports organization in the world, Team Liquid, bringing new perspectives into Web3 video games.. This led to an increase in Illuvium’s price and technical indicators show the momentum for more increases to continue. The predicted market value that Illuvium may attain towards the year-end is $110 and, this makes it among the leading crypto assets.

The Crypto-Gaming Landscape: Opportunities for Growth

Positive outlook by VanEck will lead to massive market penetration by Illuvium and Meme Moguls in the crypto gaming industry. Yet, these two differ in market cap values of $6.3M versus $400M, yet still hold growth prospects. Specifically, meme moguls is envisioned as having the same upward curve as shibinu with a good ROI.


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