With the evolution of blockchain, Coti eyes Ethereum Layer-2 integration.


With a rapidly changing environment in the blockchain industry, crypto firms devise strategic manoeuvres. Coti has recently started preparing for release of Ethereum Layer-2 solution with its blockchain network that suits Web3 users. It forms part of a planned revision scheduled for next year that includes partnership with Cardano.

How do companies like Coti make strategic leaps into layer-2 development?

Coti will turn its main blockchain protocol based on DAG technology into a solution on top of Ethereum. Such a system will provide support for native dapps’ platforms, exploiting the security model and emphasizing on the users’ confidentiality of the Ethereum platform. A spokesperson for Coti elaborated:

This involves moving from a unique DAG-based protocol for coti to a privacy-centered scalable L2 solution deployed on Ethereum.

Coti V2 will be introduced into developer ecosystem during second quarter of 2023 while test network will be rolled out afterwards. Finally, all these stages are scheduled to be completed with the release of the main network slated for the last quarter of 2024.

The horizon of innovations and collaborations in Coti

The development of Coti V2 will investigate the use of cryptography to promote transaction secrecy which will be based on the alternative Garbled Circuits instead of the well-known Zero Knowledge privacy approaches.
Djed is another decentralised stablecoin co-managed by Coti’s team, another developer partner; Input Output, the main development entity, of the Cardano ecosystem. Furthermore, they superintend Ada pay; payment solution within the same network. The Coti team continues their commitment with Cardan projects as they make strides in these Ethereum Layer-2 developments. They stated:

Our connection with Cardano still stands. The Djed program shall be maintained and operated through the Cardano blockchain.


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