YFNFT Token Presale is a Booster | Audit with InterFI!


  • YFNFT token is a native token of YearnNFT Finance project
  • This is a BSC-based NFT Marketplace that has created a good hype among the early crypto investors
  • The Token sale is currently live and running in a very organised way
  • YFNFT team announced their Audit with InterFi Audit- one of the top Audit companies was a successful one.
  • Predictions says that NFT Market is going to boom in 2022 and YearnNFT project is here at the right time
  • After AirNFT, Opensea, YearnNFT is going to be one-stop solution for all NFT minting and trading necessity
  • We have many advantages in our hands- low Supply, NFT trend token, real-time marketplace product, backed by NFT’s with a huge community.

YFNFT token is the native asset of YearnNFT Finance project, built on the BSC network. The YearnNFT NFT Marketplace is already creating a good hype among the early crypto investors. The reason is our successful token sale and Airdrop bounty.

The YFNFT token presale is currently live and ongoing in a very organised way. The entire details about the YFNFT token presale are explained below. Have patience and continue your read to know some more interesting facts.

We are happy to announce that YearnNFT Finance Airdrop Bounty was a great success which showcase as an achievement to YearnNFTProject. We have allotted 5% token out of total supply wherein more than 3000 users have already claimed their airdrop and rest 4000 is in prices. The last date is November 30 to submit your profiles for Airdrop.

YearnNFT team has announced the Audit of smart contract with InterFi Audit which is currently one of the top Audit firms. Indeed, this audit also was a successful one. Some of the predictions says that NFT Market is going to boom in 2022 and we believe that YearnNFT project is in the spotlight. After AirNFT, Opensea, YearnNFT is the one-stop solution for every NFT minting and trading necessity.

Know the reason why YFNFT token will reach 300x in no time. There are many highlights to this project, some of the core features and points to note are low supply, NFT trend token, real-time marketplace product, backed by NFT’s with a huge community. So, grab your tokens now!

YearnNFT YFNFT Token

The YFNFT token is a governance token asset of the multi-functional project under the known name- YearnNFT Finance. This token is designed to raise the funds and generate revenue from its event activities. It will raise its value to embrace in proportion and growth alike of the overall ecosystem.

YearnNFT YFNFT is a full-fledged crypto asset which is created in order to be used on diverse platforms and decentralized applications. On the YearnNFTportal, all payments, purchases, and sales are accomplished exclusively in terms of YFNFT tokens.

Right now, this token is issued in Binance SmartChain network(BEP-20). The upcoming event conducted by YearnNFT digital art platform is token launch listing on top trusted exchanges.

The token will take place after the closure of presale in December and January first week. The price per token for Round 1 was 0.12 BNB, and the price per token for Round 2 will be 0.16 BNB, respectively. To participate in the Round 2 presale, users need to register and start it right away.

YFNFT Token Presale is a Booster

Starting from 19 November 2021, YFNFT token presale had a very successful closure for round 1, crossing the target within the end period. The team behind YearnNFT has been working diligently, emphasizing to form strong partnerships with satisfactory rates.

These efforts will soon have YFNFT tokens listed on ApeSwap, PancakeSwap, Coingecko and CMC with several partnerships. We plan to form a strategic partnership with highly touted project showing the scope of improvement and success.

We try to make our processes as much as transparent and reliable as possible. The funds collected during each presale round will not be redeemed without users that have yet not received YFNFT tokens.

About YearnNFT Finance

YearnNFT Finance is the first BSC-basedNFT marketplace on the blockchain providing exclusive collections of digital arts. This is a project where business and blockchain unites to collaborate and create incredible teams for emerging projects.

We offer minimal fees and a digital work environment to eventually foster the partnership and innovation alike for blockchain start-ups. YearnNFT Finance showcase a myriad of features and facets that benefit the following sectors

  • The customer
  • Freelancer
  • Collaborator
  • Investor
  • Innovator [w.r.t. emerging project]

We believe that this is truly a marketplace and NFT ecosystem to welcome productivity and innovation on the blockchain network. YearnNFT will be the first mover in this crypto and digital space.

Recently, this project announced its smart contract audit with InterFi Network to cross-check the vulnerabilities and review the contract terms with data collision. Check out the complete details here:

**Please post this image here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FE9iWvRVQAIejTd.jpg

YearnNFT Project Audit with InterFI Network

YearnNFT and InterFi Network are working together in this Audit process. InterFi Network offers intelligent and exclusive blockchain solutions. This project is demonstrating an ecosystem that is way too seamless and responsive. There are some demanding services that this project provides:

  • Smart Contract Auditing
  • Solidity Development and Analysis
  • KYC Verification
  • Project Evaluation

InterFiNetwork will release a token credibility assessment tool and automated dynamic audit analysis tool in the coming future. The core mission of InterFiis to associate multiple services including

  1. Blockchain Security
  2. Decentralized Finance
  3. GameFinance
  4. Marketplace below one ecosystem holding following features
  • Seamless
  • Multi-chain compatible
  • Scalable and Secure
  • Fast and Responsive
  • Easy-to-use services.

InterFi is established by a decentralized team of UI contributors, experts, engineers, and enthusiasts from all around the space. They have more than 6 core team members with more than 10 casual contributors.

This project offers a static, manual, and automatic smart contract analysis that will allow the credibility and accuracy of the InterFi project to track the known attacks along with potential vulnerabilities.

Why YearnNFT Chose InterFi Network?

InterFi Network presents exclusive services like contract auditing and project verification specifically for blockchain projects. The purpose of the audit is to examine the on-chain smart contract source code, and eventually offer the basic project overview.

The project says not to transmit, disclose, refer or rely the report provided after audit for any purposes without the prior written consent fromInterFi. Check out the previous analysis ratio of Interfi.network terms of traffic volume, daily visitors and page views:

  • Traffic Volume: 5,185 unique daily visitors
  • Pageviews: 15,556
  • Web value rate: 16,949 USD
  • Average Page Views per visitor: 3.21

This project network is registered under top-level domain and in accordance with Symantec interfi.network which seems a pretty safe domain.The team can audit custom smart contracts, decentralized applications, NFTs, etc. Also, this project performs an in-depth and penetrative intelligent analysis of the smart contract. Here are some automated scanning tools:

  1. ConsenSysMythX
  2. Mythril
  3. Slither
  4. Surya

This will make you speechless and choose InterFi for your project as well looking at the performance and overall rating. Check out the factual statistics provided by the project itself:

  • Thorough: 25 Pages+ Extensive Audit Report
  • Fast: Immediate 48 Hours Turnaround Time
  • Affordable: Smart Contract Audit From $799

The Echelon Auditing Methodology by InterFi Network

The aim of Echelon standard conducted by InterFi is to properly analyze the smart contract and examine the vulnerabilities/hacks in the smart contract. Below-mentioned are the steps used by ECHELON-1 to evaluate the smart contract:

  1. Solidity smart contract source code reviewal:

InterFiprovides a review of the sources, specifications, and instructions to acknowledge the size, functionality and scope of the smart contract. Manual code review reads the source code line-by-line and identifies the potential vulnerabilities.

  1. Manual, Static, and Automated AI analysis:

Test coverage analysis is the procedure to determine and examine the test cases with code and check on how much code is exercised while running those test cases. Symbolic execution comes in role as program analysis to determine the inputs and causes of every part of a program for execution.

  1. Best practices review includes a complete review of the smart contracts that will enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, maintainability, clarify, security, and control depending on the established firm and academic recommendations, practices, and research.
  2. Particular, itemized, actionable counseling to assist users take steps for securing their smart contracts.

There are many reasons to wisely choose the auditing firms for reviewing your smart contract. It can be complex to decipher between a promising platform providing long-term growth potential. Considering current market standards, development team, industrial position and future price potential, there are major emerging projects coming all way long to offer the best possible services.

YFNFT is a Binance Smart Chain-based token that powers the YearnNFT Finance project. This token asset has a total supply of 73339 where this asset is created as a governance native token to the core project.

Every transaction is performed using YFNFT token on the YearnNFT Marketplacewhich is developed as a utility token for the platform. This ecosystem unites the YFNFT utility as a native asset for protocol token as well as application token. This project offers plenty of crypto-powered digital services for users to build, buy, bid and sell NFTs traded against the YFNFT token. It also offers additional services like:

  • Auction listing
  • governance mechanisms
  • Trade history tracking [depending on user opinions]

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